Anastasia Volochkova
International Ballerina
Anastasia Volochkova is a world famous ballerina from Russia whose plays are extremely popular in Bolshoi theatre, Moscow and Mariinskii theatre in Saint Peterburg. She is also an actor, model and singer and had worked in several local and international projects.
As a public figure she frequently appears on terrestrial channels, local magazines and has more than million followers on her social networks.
On Magazine cover PRIME ONE
Social media
More 1 million followers on Instagram and
18 million views on YouTube
On Terrestrial Channel Russia 1
Possible Cooperation and Deliverables
  • Produce 26'x 12 wellness programs with Anastasia Volochkova for amateurs exclusively shot on Danube properties
  • Show on air 1 year
  • Budget: USD 135K